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2nd Annual Florida Lupus Empowerment Summit

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Light Up for Lupus
Vision for Lupus Calls to action to improve lupus care
Take the World Lupus Day Pledge

Take the #WorldLupusDay pledge. An pledge to increase awareness and understanding of #lupus.

Michael Barlin Application

Please complete and submit this application. Upon completion please deliver or send supporting documents via mail, email or fax to the LFA Florida office prior to May 31.

Virtual 100K Challenge
Fact Friday: 2019 Lupus Awareness Survey

A recent survey was conducted for the Lupus Foundation of America by Qualtrics to explore American adults’ awareness and knowledge of lupus. Read it here.

The Role of a Rheumatologist Teleconference

Dr. Davila has a passion to treat rheumatic diseases that are often difficult to treat and even diagnose. Join us as she discusses the importance of finding a rheumatologist by going over the history of lupus, signs, symptoms, treatments, and diagnosis.

Fact Friday

You can help by raising awareness of #lupus and its symptoms this May--whether its sharing lupus facts on social media or hosting an event in your community. We have all the tools and resources you need to get started! Tap the link in our bio to find out more.

Community Cares

Check out what individuals across the state of Florida are doing to raise awareness and funds. From a Lupus Bowl to a Lupus Party!!

April Newsletter is Up!
Tip Tuesday: Lupus and Oral Health Issues

Systemic diseases such as lupus may include some sort of oral involvement. And, good regular dental care with a trusted dentist can help discover and alleviate any problems that might arise.

Boozefighters MC 86 Lupus Awareness Party

join the BoozeFighters MC Chapter 86 as they host a #lupusawareness party benefiting the Lupus Foundation of America, Florida Chapter on Saturday, May 4. Come out and enjoy the festivities! Thank you to the Boozefighters MC Chapter 86 for their continued generosity to help us put an end to lupus!

Tip Tuesday: How to get the most out of your lupus medicaions

It's important to understand your medications and to have a strategy for keeping track of them. Follow this guidance to get the most out of your meds while minimizing side effects.

Tip Tuesday: Teens with Lupus

Lupus can be a lot to deal with on top of the demands of middle and high school. But there’s a lot you can do to take charge of your health and manage your symptoms at school. Use these tips to help you keep your schooldays fun, productive, and healthy!

Social Security Disability: What Every Lupus Patients Should Know Teleconference

If your Lupus symptoms become so severe that you are unable to work, you should consider filing for Social Security Disability benefits. This teleconference covers what Lupus patients need to know about their rights and the filing process.

Become an Orlando Volunteer

Interested in volunteering the day of the Walk? Click the SignUp button below, fill out the form, and a member of our walk staff will contact you. Please note that volunteers must have a liability waiver signed in order to volunteer at the event. Please click here to view and print the liability waiver. Bring the signed waiver with you on walk day and submit it to the coordinator when you check-in. Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with us!

Tip Tuesday: Get Better Sleep

Not getting enough sleep increases inflammation in your body, worsening your other #lupus symptoms. Learn more on ways to get a better sleep when you have #lupus.

March Newsletter!

Our March newsletter is up. We are covering topics such as the Lupus Foundation of America's new Inside Lupus Research as well as our Spring Walk to End Lupus Now events and our March teleconference on Lupus and your Immune System! Check it out!

Wellness Wednesday

: What does it mean when #lupus is "active"? Read more on some of the symptoms that indicate you might be in a flare.

Lupus and the Immune System Teleconference

Learn about the different parts of the immune system that can be affected in lupus and about how lupus medications work to suppress the immune system in order to control the disease. From B cells to T cells and everything in between, this will be an "Immunology 101" session. No background in biology required.

What to do when you don't feel like your doctor is listening

TipTuesday: What to do when you don't feel like your doctor is listening? Read some advice and encouragement for improving communication with your doctor. Learn more.

Wellness Wednesday: Coping with the cognitive symptoms of lupus

Anything that limits your ability to think clearly, reason, or remember something is a cognitive symptom. The American College of Rheumatology has identified 19 psychiatric symptoms associated with lupus. Learn some tips for coping with lupus-related cognitive symptoms.

The Expert Series: Beyond the Butterfly Rash

In this episode of The Expert Series, Victoria Werth, MD will teach you about how lupus can affect the skin as she describes skin lupus subtypes and how to manage living with lupus.

LFA DAY: February Newsletter
Wellness Wednesday: The risks for heart disease and how to minimize them

Did you know people with #lupus are at higher risk for heart problems, such as heart attacks and cardiovascular disease (CVD)? Learn the risk of heart disease in lupus patients and how to minimize them.

Tip Tuesday: Introduction to yoga, tai chi, and pilates for lupus

Participants in yoga, tai chi, and Pilates all benefit physically and mentally from the exercises. However, there are differences between the forms. With your doctor’s approval, these three exercises can be tailored to your needs and abilities

Lupus Support Groups in Florida

Support groups meet in person in counties across Florida and online in our LupusConnect Community.

LFADAY: Join Lupus Connect

LupusConnect™ is an online lupus community where individuals with lupus and their loved ones can engage with others like them to share experiences, find emotional support and discuss practical insights for coping with the daily challenges of the disease. It’s an easy-to-use, online platform that encourages its community members to ask questions, reply to posts and read about others' experiences in a safe and comforting community.

Wellness Wednesday:

Exercise, especially gentle strength training, can improve some #lupus symptoms. Here is a quick low-impact exercise routine for lupus you can try once you get the green light from your doctor!

Tip Tuesday: Coping with Lupus

Life with lupus can be difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things that matter to you. Many people with lupus live happy, active lives — and you can, too. Read more from the guide to coping with #lupus.

Lupus and Your Heart Teleconference

Learn about the various cardiovascular disease conditions that affect people living with lupus, how to prevent heart disease while living with lupus and learn more about Rheumatologic disease as a risk factor for future cardiovascular disease in women.

Fact Friday: Lupus and the Heart

February is #HearMonth. Learn how #lupus affects the heart and circulation and what you can do to stay #HeartHealthy.

Registration is open for our 2019 National Lupus Advocacy Summit!

Register today!

Wellness Wednesday: Lupus and Hair Loss

Hair loss: Expert addresses common concerns

Tip Tuesday: Lupus and your risk of infections

Infections pose a greater risk for people living with lupus. In fact, infections are the second most common major cause of illness and death for people with the disease.

Tip Tuesday: Tips from a Rheumatologist

Learn some essential advice from a #lupus doctor on coping and managing the disease. Above all: realize you will get through this.

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Jacksonville Iceman Tickets!

Come cheer on the Jacksonville Iceman as they play their in-state rivals, Florida Everblades! A portion from each ticket sold through this link will be donated back to the Lupus Foundation of America, Florida Chapter.

Tip Tuesday: Important questions for your doctor when you are newly diagnosed.

When you're newly diagnosed with lupus, you have a lot of questions. We created this guide to make sure you don't miss any critical information during those initial visits with your rheumatologist.

Walk Wednesday: Register for our 2019 Walk to End Lupus Now Events
Tip Tuesday: Strategies for Managing Fatigue
Tip Tuesday: Managing Holiday Stress
Wellness Wednesday: How Lupus Affects the Skin
Wellness Wednesday: Understanding the Connection Between Lupus and the Lungs
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Lupus and Men

In this episode of The Expert Series, Rosalind Ramsey-Goldman, MD, DrPH provides insight on men and lupus.

Your Mission: End Lupus

#GivingTuesday is TODAY. This #GivingTuesday we’re asking you to make it your mission to end lupus. How: Be sure to make your donation TODAY to help us reach our $10,000 goal !

LFA DAY: Worth the Listen Teleconferences
Tip Tuesday: Tips for a low-stress holiday

For adults with lupus, fatigue and pain can prevent them from celebrating the holidays as they once did. But you can help family members with lupus participate in holiday activities—and have fun. Here are some tips from a lupus patient and her caregivers.

Tip Tuesday: Strategies for Managing Pain
Minor League Baseball and Lupus Foundation of America Partner to Raise Awareness of Lupus Among U.S. Hispanic/Latinx Fans
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