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In Lieu of Flowers

Pay Tribute

Create a tribute or memorial fundraiser to honor someone whose life has been impacted or lost by lupus.

Pay Tribute 

Honor a loved one who passed away from lupus by creating a Tribute Page.  Tribute pages can be personalized with a picture and story about your loved one, and are an easy page to share with others to make a donation in your loved one's memory. All donors will receive an email acknowledgement of their donation that will go towards lupus research, advocacy, education, support, and care services.  

Create A Tribute Page 


Why Create a Tribute Page?
Honor a Loved One

One of the best ways to honor family and friends affected by lupus is to keep fighting the disease.

Raise Funds for Research

Accelerate the path to a cause and a cure, while providing hope to millions of lupus patients.

Spread the Word About Lupus

Boost awareness and understanding of this cruel and mysterious disease.

Have more questions or need help setting up a Tribute Page?

Send an email to Stacey Clark at and let us know how we can help.