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Every day, around the world, a multitude of lupus research is underway.  Inside Lupus Research, powered by the Lupus Foundation of America, is your one-stop location for learning about the most important lupus research news that matters to you – whether it’s early discoveries from clinical trials or new treatment breakthroughs.

Inside Lupus Research covers news from all the leading lupus research publications including peer-reviewed medical journals, public and private research centers, medical centers and government agencies.  We are committed to monitoring, analyzing, collecting and reporting on research findings and advances that will move us closer to finding better treatments and a cure for lupus.

Research News Categories

As your go-to source for lupus research news, Inside Lupus Research will report on a variety of scientific discoveries related to lupus. Our articles are categorized into one of three research areas:

Basic Science News

These studies help establish basic concepts, suggest further study and provide the framework for all lupus research. Articles cover laboratory studies, animal-based studies, physiological experiments, and behavioral and social sciences.

Disease Management News

Disease Management is a strategy for improving care for those with chronic conditions. Articles are related to studies focused on how to manage and better cope with lupus.

Treatment News

Articles about Treatment News provide updates on new drugs being studied, findings from clinical trials or important news regarding currently approved drugs for lupus.

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