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We’re here to help you live your best life with lupus.

Our health education specialists can help you find trustworthy information to answer your questions about lupus and how to cope with it.

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Our health education specialists are specially trained to provide people affected by lupus with non-medical counseling, disease education, information, and helpful resources. You have lupus, but you are not alone.

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Here are a list of the things that we're most commonly contacted for. Take a look through these before you get in touch with us to see if your question is answered.

Looking for help with issues around Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

See our frequently asked questions section on our coronavirus page

I would like to request an information packet.

We have put together some resources to help you find the support and information that you need. 

Download the Resource Packet

Read more about the lupus information packet.

* If you would like to order bulk materials, please see all of our printed educational materials in our online store.

I am newly diagnosed with lupus.

If you’re newly diagnosed with lupus and aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we’d love to help guide you through some of the information you will need without you getting overwhelmed. Get started at the National Resource Center on Lupus

For those who are newly diagnosed, we put together the Take Charge Email series, an 8-week email series that will walk you through the first few weeks of your lupus diagnosis and give you resources and tools you need. You can sign up here.

I am seeking resources for financing my lupus.

The Lupus Foundation of America does not provide direct financial assistance. If you need help financing your medical care, check out some resources listed on our NRCL:

The Expert Series covered it in a video about financing your medical care:

To find out where your donations go, check out our annual report about our research, programs, and services:

I need help finding a doctor/provider/health care provider.

We work with many experts in a variety of fields from Rheumatology, Immunology, Dermatology, Nephrology, Childhood Lupus and more. For more information on how to find the right provider check out our resources:

I am looking for a support group.

Please search for an in-person support group near you:        

Or join our online support community, LupusConnect:

I need resources for caregivers for loved ones with lupus.

If someone you love has lupus, you may find our Toolkit for Caregivers helpful!

You may also find support from other caregivers within our online support community, LupusConnect.

I need help with health insurance or disability.

There are many options for health insurance. We've provided a list of your options at

Open enrollment for health insurance starts in November each year. So, plan ahead and go to to check out your options.

If you need information on disability, look at our resources for applying for disability.

*Our health educators cannot assist with your insurance or disability application.

Still need help?

Contact a health education specialist to help you find trustworthy answers and resources on lupus.  

IMPORTANT: Your inquiry is important to us! The Health Education Specialist web form is the preferred communication at this time. We are working to make sure we can answer your lupus related questions as quickly as possible. Due to increased inquiry volume, phone call inquiries may experience longer wait times. Thank you for your patience.


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Meet Our Health Education Specialists

Our health education specialists are lupus education experts, trained to help you find the most credible, up-to-date answers to your questions about lupus.


Ashley is a health education specialist at the Lupus Foundation of America with a Master’s Degree in Health Education and is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).


Guadalupe is a bilingual (Spanish/English) health education specialist at the Lupus Foundation of America with a master’s degree in Community Health.


Khadija is a bilingual (English/Arabic) Health Education Specialist with a Master’s degree in Health Administration.


Lety is a bilingual (Spanish/English) health education specialist at the Lupus Foundation of America with a Master’s Degree in Public Health and is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

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Our support forum, LupusConnect, lets you be in touch with others and find support for coping with the challenges of lupus.

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