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Clinical Trials

Participate In Research

Behind every new treatment are researchers and volunteers who participate in research studies.

Every advance in the understanding of a disease such as lupus—its causes, its effects on the body, the development of new drugs and treatments—is based on research. The idea of participating in research can seem difficult or even scary, but there are many different ways to help advance lupus research. People participate in research by:

  • Joining a clinical trial for a new lupus treatment.
  • Responding to patient surveys or joining a patient registry to help researchers learn about what it’s like to live with lupus.
  • Helping researchers test how changing your diet or lifestyle can affect your lupus.

If you don’t feel ready to engage in research as a participant, you can still take action by donating or advocating to support research.

At the Lupus Foundation of America, our vision is a world free from lupus. That can’t happen without research, and research can’t happen without you.

The information on this page will help you find a way to participate in research that is right for you.

Participate in clinical trials

See the trials that we spotlight and find ways to search for all the trials available to you.

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Understand clinical trials

Our list of frequently asked questions can answer everything that's on your mind about your role in clinical trials.

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Enroll in a lupus registry

Join our lupus data platform, RAY, where people with lupus and caregivers provide information about their lupus experience.

Join RAY: Research Accelerated by You

Find other research opportunities

There are opportunities for you to be involved in smaller studies led by individual researchers, called Investigator-Initiated Studies. 

Find out about Investigator-Initiated Studies