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Advancing Research

Our funding provided the foundation for breakthroughs in research on lupus

The studies we funded provided the foundation for every lupus research breakthrough during the past 40 years. Throughout our history, we have made pioneering contributions toward ending the brutal impact of lupus. And our efforts to accelerate lupus research won’t stop until the job is done.

Anchored in What Matters Most: Improving Lives

We tackle lupus from every direction to identify the causes, treatments, and means to prevent and cure this life-threatening disease. Our patient-first research approach delivers better results to improve quality of life today while working toward a cure.

Accelerating scientific discoveries

We conduct pioneering research initiatives to propel the next wave of lupus scientific breakthroughs and find solutions for the complex challenges in developing new treatments.

Funding groundbreaking research

We fund research that expands our understanding of lupus, shows the greatest promise to improve lives and brings us closer to finding ways to prevent and cure lupus.

Advocating for research

We are the leader in stimulating more public and private investment in lupus research and education, and calling attention to the needs of the community among policymakers.

Our Research Focus

We are dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of lupus to improve the lives of people with this devastating disease. We are accomplishing this objective by improving:


It can take years for a person with lupus to get an accurate diagnosis. Reducing time to diagnosis helps them get the right treatment sooner and avoid serious outcomes such as organ damage. Research we funded led to the development of the first test that provides a faster and more accurate diagnosis of lupus.


The need for better care is especially critical in certain groups, like children and pregnant women. In response, we funded research that looks at their unique needs to develop ways to spot severe symptoms sooner and to devise enhanced care plans.


People with lupus need an arsenal of effective and targeted treatments that have fewer side effects. One promising new treatment being tested uses a form of adult stem cells called mesenchymal stem cells. We were the first lupus organization to fund this type of research in 2007, and we continue to fund studies in this area.

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Providing Nearly $4 Million for a Clinical Study of Stem Cells in Lupus

Our decade-long commitment to stem cell research has led to a major Phase II clinical trial in the U.S. of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for the treatment of moderate to severe lupus.

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A lupus diagnosis can be devastating and life-changing.  Today, it means a life spent waiting for new medical advances while managing life-long and potentially fatal symptoms. We can’t afford to wait. That’s why the Lupus Foundation of America's research efforts deliver the greatest impact on peoples’ lives in the shortest time possible.

We established the first national research program to study childhood lupus
We were the first lupus organization to fund research on stem cells
We funded development of the first test that provides a faster and more accurate diagnosis of lupus
Get Involved in Research

For research to be meaningful and successful, the perspectives of people with lupus and their caregivers are essential. If you are interested in taking part in research, there are several ways you can get involved.

Discover How You Can Help

Help us move research forward.

If you join the fight, we will be able to solve the cruel mystery of lupus in our lifetime and end its devastating impact on millions of lives.