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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in the Northeast

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Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery! There are many ways that you can join the fight to bring an end to the unpredictable and misunderstood disease.  

Become an Advocate

Sign up to become a lupus advocate and educate elected officials and policymakers about the impact of lupus and the urgent need to expand funding for lupus research and education programs.  

Spread Awareness

Public opinion surveys demonstrate the need to raise the level of awareness of lupus, especially its brutal impact on individuals and families.  When you speak out about lupus, you help rally public support for people affected by lupus and bring needed attention and resources to the fight.  

Get Informed

Learn about lupus and share information with your family and friends.  When more people understand the devasting impact of lupus, the public will be more willing to take action to help solve the cruel mystery of lupus and bring an end to this terrible disease that impacts an estimated 1.5 million Americans and at least five million people around the world. 


There are many ways to donate to the Lupus Foundation of America and help bring more resources to this fight.  You can make a one-time donation, become a sustaining monthly donor, include a bequest in your estate plan, or help raise money online.  You also can donate other assets, including your vehicle, used household goods, or other assets, such as stocks and bonds.  Learn more about ways you can donate.  

Participate in a Clinical Trial

Behind every new treatment are volunteers who participate in clinical research studies. Every advance in the understanding of a disease such as lupus—its causes, its effects on the body, the development of new drugs and treatments—is based on research. The Lupus Foundation of America’s Center for Clinical Trials Education is the resource for people with lupus and their families who want to learn about clinical trials.

Walk with Us

Walk to End Lupus Now events provide people affected by lupus and their families with the opportunity to come together for one purpose: ending lupus. Join the Lupus Foundation of America as nearly 60 cities across the U.S. to raise money for research, increase awareness, and rally support for 1.5 million Americans living with lupus.