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Every 32 Minutes Someone Is Diagnosed with Lupus

People living with lupus are at the heart of everything we do.

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Someone you know has lupus and needs your help.
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September Lupus News and Resources
Hispanic Heritage Month

As we embrace Hispanic Heritage Month, a time dedicated to honoring the rich culture, contributions, and achievements of Hispanic communities, it's important to shed light on an important health issue that affects many people, including those within the Hispanic community: lupus.⁣ 

Take Steps to End Lupus this Fall

To end lupus, it will take all of our steps. Join the nation for the largest lupus event and fundraiser by registering your team today for a Walk to End Lupus Now event near you. Attend in-person or virtually! 

Emergency Disaster Plan

We are in the midst of Hurricane season and now is the time to prepare. We have put together an emergency disaster plan page which includes a lupus emergency kit for those needing it - stay safe and be ready!

Join the Champions for Hope Movement

Champions for Hope are our passionate monthly givers who are providing year-round support for life-transforming research and expert and compassionate support to people living with lupus. Our family of Champions are giving more than hope, they are moving the mission monthly!

Be Fierce. Take Control.

Be Fierce. Take Control. has a new look!⁣⁣ The awareness campaign encourages young Black/African American and Hispanic/Latina women, who have a higher chance of developing lupus, to listen to their bodies, stop ignoring potential symptoms and empowers them to talk to their healthcare provider. ⁣⁣

Contact A Health Educator

You have lupus, but you are not alone. Our health education specialist provide people affected by lupus with free non-medical support, disease education, information and helpful resources. Contact them today at or 1-800-558-0121 x136

Savanah M.
I walk because I’ve seen the debilitating effects of Lupus! I walk because I have a nine-year-old grandson who is beautiful and talented! I walk because my youngest daughter died as a result of complications of Lupus and neurological issues, seizures and heart failure! I walk because I don’t want to see another male or female die from something like this! I walk to make a difference and to make awareness within four communities that affect more black and brown people and it’s not given enough attention! Will you walk with us?
Savanah M.
Lupus Caregiver
Need to talk to someone?

Our health educators are available to answer your questions and give you the help you need.

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