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Lupus Awareness Month | Philadelphia Tri-State

Lupus Awareness Month

This May, celebrate Lupus Awareness Month! Did you know that 73% of Americans, ages 18-34, those most at risk for the disease, have never heard of lupus or know little or nothing about lupus beyond the name? We need more people to understand the importance of lupus and will be conducting activities this month to spread awareness and raise funds for much-needed research.

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What is Lupus Awareness Month?

Lupus Awareness Month is a globally observed month celebrating the many advancements in lupus research, while acknowledging that we must still fight every day for a cure.

Public awareness of lupus remains low. Nearly two-thirds of the public knows little or nothing about the disease beyond the name. We need your help to change that. Join the growing number of communities that go purple in May!

Local Lupus Stories

Tonya: "I sometimes feel like a walking pharmacy"

I was diagnosed with Lupus when I celebrated my 22nd birthday. I was an invalid for almost 8 months. My body wouldn’t retain anything but Pedialyte. I had to roll on the floor to crawl to the bathroom. I had no strength or ability to stand on my own. I was miserable in a room for months with barely no visitors. My family and I had no idea what lupus was. But no one talked about it, because no one knew anything about it.

Once I changed rheumatologists, I was put on steroids, Methotrexate and Plaquenil, which allowed me to resume working and living a pretty normal life. I got married, had one daughter and experienced early menopause because of lupus, and lost the ability to have any other children. As I climbed the corporate ladder, I excelled in my career and decided to finish college. The month after I received my Bachelor’s Degree, I was terminated from my job because I’d used all of my FMLA time. This was a huge pill to swallow and my life has never been the same and I struggle daily with new diagnoses, side effects and symptoms from the medications I’m on. I sometimes feel like a walking pharmacy. But I will continue to fight and advocate for a cure!

Give Back During Lupus Awareness Month

A donation in honor of Lupus Awareness Month shows us that you hear voices of lupus champions everywhere and seek to amplify them. Earn a pair of purple Goodr sunglasses with a donation of $50 or more! The money we raise goes towards programs and services, like self-help courses and advocacy days, as well as research initiatives at the local and national level.

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