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Xiomara's Story

My name is Xiomara, I was diagnosed with lupus in 2016. My symptoms initially started when I was 14 years old, however I was misdiagnosed. After having my daughter in 2011, I started to have other symptoms, such as, swelling, headaches, numbness, episodes of passing out, chest pain, brain fog, rashes, head and mouth sores, severe joint pain, just to name a few. My body was reacting and I had no clue what was going on.

xiomara lam photo

In 2016, through a series of blood work and a series of flares, I was then diagnosed with lupus (SLE). I was put on almost EVERY medication from steroids, immunosuppressants, pain medications, psych medications (used to cross treat pain) , NSAIDS, etc. It took a toll on me mentally and physically.

In 2017, I had a severe allergic reaction which led to a systemic infection and the worst lupus flare I have ever had. I was hospitalized for a week. At that moment, I decided to take myself off of every medication and try natural and holistic healing. Through diet change, exercise, herbs, meditation, prayer, journaling, reiki energy healing, education, research, discipline and discernment, I now have control over lupus, lupus has no control over me. Yes, I do have flares but I know what causes them, how to control them, and I work daily to keep them to a minimum.

As a result of my lupus journey, I created The Purple Purple LLC, which initially started as a name for the walks I participated in through the Lupus Foundation of America (Tri-State and South Jersey Chapters). This led me to further this name into a brand and my business, which offers a variety of services and products that promote the healing journey and holistic healing. My business is my baby, and is a reflection of what I did to help me through my journey with Lupus. My logo, the colors, the name, all reflect my battle with Lupus and reflect where I came from and where I am going.

It’s not easy living with Lupus, it can take a toll on you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is important to stay educated, advocate, and be a voice within our communities. It is also important to share our stories, and be the motivation for each other.

“I have lupus, lupus does not have me.”