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Certified Training for Lupus Clinical Trialists

LFA POINT® is the only web-based program that provides standardized training worldwide on the correct use of disease assessment tools used in lupus clinical trials.

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What is LFA POINT®?

The Lupus Foundation of America Professional Online Instrument Training Program (LFA POINT®) is the gold-standard online training and testing site for clinical trial outcome measures used in the assessment of people with lupus in clinical trials. Designed specifically for lupus clinical trialists, LFA POINT makes it possible for investigators around the world to become certified in the clinical instruments they need for their upcoming lupus studies.

LFA POINT provides training in clinical trial outcome measures for the following programs:

  • BILAG 2004 Index
  • Hybrid SLEDAI
  • Joint Count

Today, more than 5,000 active users, and 10,000+ former and current lupus researchers have used LFA POINT, helping to bolster the Lupus Foundation of America’s goal to accelerate the development of new treatments for people living with lupus.

Why Should Clinical Trialists Use LFA POINT?
Fully Compliant

FDA-compliant, customized for each study and offers unique test portals

Widely Used

Over 35,000 completion certificates issued across more than 75 countries


The only continually monitored program that trains users in the correct usage of lupus assessment instruments


Administrators have the ability to run reports within the LFA POINT portal to determine which certifications their investigators have completed


Access to training portal for duration of study to include ability to refresh knowledge, re-test, and view training reports


Flexibility for test takers to stop and save their test information and return at a later time

Who Can Participate in LFA POINT?

LFA POINT is used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies seeking standardized training for clinical trials, and by investigators and their staff who participate in multi-center trials, and/or clinical research organization associates who monitor the correct use of lupus disease indices. 

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LFA POINT was developed in collaboration by the Lupus Foundation of America and CRISALIS, LLC., a software development company located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Dr. Joan Merrill and Professor Caroline Gordon, along with Dr. Jill Buyon, Dr. Murray Urowitz, Dr. Michelle Petri, Dr. David Isenberg, and Dr. Victoria Werth served as program advisors, responsible for ongoing program development, content accuracy, updated testing, and oversight.