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Our Research Priorities and Focus

We have only one mission – improve the quality of life for people with lupus. They are at the heart of everything we do to solve this cruel mystery and end the brutal impact of lupus forever.

Our Challenge

While medical science has made progress, we still don’t know why lupus affects so many people in so many different ways. Nor do we have the right treatments to bring symptoms completely under control so people with lupus can lead the best lives possible. 

We cannot continue to look at lupus research in the same way. The status quo is unacceptable. We must overcome this challenge and ensure there is an arsenal of treatments for the diverse health effects of lupus.

Our Solution

We have redefined lupus research to expand efforts beyond merely funding research grants. Our approach is innovative and addresses the root problems that interfere with progress and sets a course to solve them. Our focus is on three critical goals:

Identify the Causes of Lupus

Discover Better Ways to Control Symptoms

Find Pathways to Cure Lupus

Our Approach

We will accomplish these goals by bringing together leading experts in every arena to determine what’s holding us back and implementing comprehensive strategies to accelerate meaningful advancements in the field.

Accelerating Scientific Discoveries

We conduct pioneering research initiatives to propel the next wave of lupus scientific breakthroughs and find solutions for the complex challenges in developing new treatments.

Funding Groundbreaking Research

We fund research that expands our understanding of lupus, shows the greatest promise to improve lives and brings us closer to finding ways to prevent and cure lupus.

Advocating for Research

We are the leader in stimulating more public and private investment in lupus research and education and calling attention to the needs of the community among policymakers.

Tackling Lupus from Every Direction

We not only drive research to deliver the most significant impact on peoples' lives in the shortest time possible, we lead sustained advocacy efforts to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in government funding for additional lupus research that amplifies our efforts, including studies at top medical institutions across our nation. 

We help overcome regulatory hurdles and incorporate patient perspectives in the drug development and approval process to put more and better treatments into the hands of people with lupus.

And if that is not enough, we are helping people living with lupus now by delivering education programs and providing vital services through a national network of local chapters, regional offices, the National Lupus Resource Center, and our health educator team to help guide people through the complexities of living and coping with lupus.

Learn more about our work and how we are supporting lupus researchers, drug development and generating millions of dollars to fund aggressive efforts to end lupus forever.

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You Can Help Solve the Cruel Mystery of Lupus

Just as research itself won’t conquer lupus, we can’t do it alone either. That’s where you come in. Donate, raise funds, get involved. Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery. Your research investment today drives new medical advances – so those suffering from lupus can stop waiting and start living the lives they want.