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Living Well with Lupus | Philadelphia Tri-State

Living Well with Lupus/Lupus and You Series

These seminars are the Philadelphia Tri-State Chapter's signature educational events. Each seminar brings together people living with lupus, their families, interested health professionals and a panel of experts to share the latest information to help individuals live well - or better - with lupus.

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What is the Living Well with Lupus/Lupus and You series?

This series is designed to educate and empower people living with lupus, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. In 2021, we're making 5 virtual stops with local lupus experts to address your concerns.

The Living Well with Lupus Symposium is the Philadelphia Tri-State Chapter's signature educational event, featuring experts from the Tri-State area. This year, we're back for the 21st Annual Living Well with Lupus Symposium on Saturday, October 23!


We are excited to present the fifth and final educational seminar of 2021, to be held on Tuesday, November 16. Stay tuned for more details!


Previous Sessions

September 14, 2021: Lupus and Non-Familial Relationships

How can you find a doctor that’s right for you? Learn more about why this relationship is paramount to your health and how you can make the best decision you can for yourself with valued input.

June 22, 2021: Lupus and Relationships

A lupus diagnosis can change some of the most important relationships of our lives in very different ways. Learn more about relationships between your family, partner, and caregiver during this weeknight session, and the communications strategies that work best.

March 27, 2021: Lupus and the Major Organs

Lupus is known for being a cruel disease that can attack any part of the body. This seminar will focus on a few different major organs that lupus can significantly impact, including the musculoskeletal system, kidneys, and brain, and provide comprehensive overviews of each.