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Treating lupus is a lifelong process. It requires ongoing planning and communication. Right now, there’s no cure for lupus, but there’s a lot you can do to manage the disease and improve your quality of life. Learning as much as you can about lupus treatments and approaches will help you work with your care team to find a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Understanding Lupus Treatment & Care

Comprehensive lupus care involves strategies to help you control your symptoms, keep your immune system from attacking your body, and protect your organs from damage.

Managing Symptoms and Side Effects

Get expert tips and advice on how to manage lupus symptoms and medication side effects.

Your source for trusted resources on lupus treatment and care

Our National Resource Center has tools and resources that can help you manage your treatment and care.

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Why we need the right medicines to treat the spectrum of lupus symptoms

Watch Dr. Susan Manzi explain why lupus researchers should focus on developing targeted, customized treatments for patients with different lupus symptoms.

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The Research.forME™ Lupus Registry is for people with a diagnosis of lupus. This registry will help researchers and people with lupus better understand the disease.

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