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Take Charge

12-week email series on managing lupus

Life with lupus can be challenging. We created this email series to provide you with information and strategies that can help you better manage lupus and its everyday challenges.

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Take Charge is a weekly education email series for people with lupus, including those recently diagnosed. Each week for 12 weeks, you'll get an email from our Health Education Specialists with tips and resources that can empower you to take charge of your health. 

We’re also proud to offer Tome Control, an email series in Spanish with relevant, educational information.

By participating in the Take Charge email series, you'll gain knowledge and skills that can help you: 

  • Explain to others how lupus affects you
  • Find and ask for the support you need
  • Identify and track your lupus symptoms
  • Stick with your treatment plan
  • Make the most of your doctor appointments
  • Cope with lupus and its day-to-day challenges

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About the authors

The Lupus Foundation of America’s Health Education Specialists are specifically trained to give caring support to those who suffer from the impact of lupus. The team offers free non-medical support, educational information and helpful resources for those affected by lupus. Connect with a health educator today.