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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in New Jersey
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Help LFA while giving your home a clean sweep!

New Jersey is one of several states selected by the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) to participate in it's  “mobile garage sale” to raise funds for LFA & LFANJ’s many projects.  Many New Jersey residents have already received a solicitation letter and instructions for participation in the mail.  LFA & LFANJ are looking for donations of good, used clothing, all types and sizes; bedding; draperies and curtains;  house wares and glassware; jewelry and cosmetics; toys and games, all kinds; knick knacks; small appliances; and tools.  If you have not been contacted by LFA or LFANJ (we’re not sure how those contacted were selected!), but would like them to benefit from your spring cleaning, you may become a part of this fund raising event by calling 1-888-445-8787 and asking when a truck is scheduled for pick-up in your area.

You may also schedule online a pickup date at

You need not be at home on the predetermined date; just leave items on your front porch, or at the curb, clearly marked LFA Pick Up by 7:30 a.m. rain or shine and the driver will take EVERYTHING (sorry, no puppies!) and leave a tax deductible receipt. Large upholstered furniture are not accepted. Please call 1.888.445.8787 for to inquire about large item pickup  All donated items will be sold to for-profit wholesale buyers by annual bid.  So hop aboard this worth-while effort!  Everybody wins when you contribute what you no longer need or want.  You de-clutter and LFA & LFANJ are able to sustain their vital programs and research efforts.

Tax Deductions

The driver will leave a donation receipt at the time of pick-up. It is the donor's responsibility to determine the value of the donated items.

Learn how to determine the value of your donated items by reviewing information published on the IRS website, Determining the Value of Donated Property, Publication 561.

It is the donor's responsibility to file IRS Form 8283 if the amount of your tax deduction for all non-cash gifts is more than $500. If you have any questions, please consult your tax adviser.

Find a list of drop locations and items accepted.