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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in Texas

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Saundra Finley, Executive Director, Phi Chi Theta National Business Fraternity, 25 year Lupus Warrior

When I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE twenty-five years ago, the resources available were very limited.  We didn’t have access to information on the internet like we do now.

I was feeling very lost and confused since I had never heard of Lupus.  I just knew that I was in terrible pain and was feeling hopeless because my doctor told me, based on the severity of my symptoms, I has a life expectancy of maybe ten years.

The first thing I did was find a new doctor that didn’t write me off as a lost cause.  Having a positive attitude and hope, while battling Lupus is critical. Also building a strong support system around you with trained professionals, family and friends. 

The second thing I did was reach out to the Lupus Foundation of America, Lone Star Chapter.  Not only did they provide information and a list of resources but they also offered incredible support to me over the years.  They are a great resource for medical research updates and legislative updates that affect lupus patients.  They provide education and support through their monthly support groups throughout the DFW area and educational workshops.  Lastly, they provide opportunities to gather and support others with Lupus through fun events like their annual Walk and Gala.   

If you are newly diagnosed or if you are a seasoned veteran of living with Lupus, I highly encourage you to reach out and get involved with the LFA, Lone Star Chapter.