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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in Missouri, Southern Illinois, & Eastern Kansas
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Lupus Education & Information

The Heartland Chapter provides education, information and assistance to people affected by lupus throughout our chapter territory. We collaborate with experts to provide clear, easy-to-use information, programs and resources to help you navigate every step of your journey with lupus.

Lupus Education

Through collaboration with lupus medical experts, we offer a number of free educational programs for people affected by lupus. These programs are held throughout our chapter territory and include topic specific workshops, half-day education conferences, and online educational programs. Check back soon for a listing of 2019 lupus education programs. 

Information & Referral 

We provide accurate information, literature, resources and referrals to help people with lupus better understand and manage their disease.  If you would like to receive more information about lupus, a listing of physicians who treat lupus, or our New Patient Information Packet, please contact us at 314-644-2222 or 800-958-7876 or [email protected].

Patient Assistance Fund

The Heartland Chapter provides limited funding to assist people living with lupus within our chapter territory in financial need. These funds are designed to provide temporary assistance to anyone with a confirmed diagnosis of lupus who can demonstrate true financial need associated with the effects of lupus. There is an application process that includes verification from your physician.  For more information, please contact us at 314-644-2222 or 800-958-7876 or [email protected].

What is Lupus? Online Video

Our online video features Dr. Katherine Temprano, BJC Healthcare, Rheumatology and Internal Medicine Associates, Missouri Baptist and Adjunct Professor of Rheumatology, Saint Louis University who provides a comprehensive overview of lupus, including how lupus is diagnosed, treated and managed. This video is designed for newly diagnosed lupus patients, those who suspect they may have lupus, or anyone who needs a refresher on the basics of the disease. Watch the video

Lupus: Ask the Experts Teleconferences

Lupus: Ask the Experts is a series of educational teleconferences on a variety of topics related to lupus. We are no longer offering live teleconferences but we do have an extensive library of previously Recorded Teleconferences.