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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in Georgia
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Georgia Advocacy Milestones


You are key to making lupus real and personal. In 2008, lupus advocates realized the importance of educating elected officials about lupus, so we went down to the Georgia State Capitol. And we kept coming..,

Look what lupus advocates can accomplish: Over the next few years we brought more advocates to the Capitol talking to more legislatures, sharing our stories about living with lupus and hearing stories from caregivers and families. Sharing your story makes a huge difference.  

Did you know that you showing up to the Capitol each year open doors for others. Legislatures look forward to meeting their constituents and want to know more about lupus. They are expecting to meet you. They love to engage with you.  

Guess what? Our advocacy work led to the establishing the Georgia Council on Lupus Education and Awareness (GCLEA). In 2014, Governor Deal signed into law, our Lupus Council. Imagine how much more we can do when you continue to be a voice for lupus.

Did you know, GCLEA pulled together state agencies like the Department of Community Health, Department of Public Health, medical professionals. Health organizations, health advocates and key stakeholders and developed the first Lupus Statewide Action Plan. Lupus advocates moved the needle in Georgia. This was a huge first step but we have to keep going. 

We are so proud that Through the advocacy work of our chapter and advocates many people came from across the state meeting with their Senators and House Representatives at the Capitol and sometimes in the home districts offices year round. Advocates engaged and met with Mayor’s, council members, city officials in their community to be the voice of lupus. As advocates, we look for opportunities to take lupus to our community.

In the summer of 2017, GCLEA educated all school nurses across the state about lupus. The excitement of the school nurses means we need more lupus advocates working in the schools to raise awareness  and help students and teachers. 

Earlier this year, volunteer advocates and GCLEA launched a lupus telemedicine pilot in Doughtery County, GA to help people in rural Georgia who does have access to a rheumatologist or travel far incorporating technology to address telehealth. Lupus advocates are making a huge impact in Georgia. Stay in the loop.

We started as small voices but with your help, we continue to grow. In the 2018 Special Election, lupus advocate Kim Schofield was elected as State House Representative in the Georgia General Assembly. As advocates, we took lupus from a “whisper to a shout.” But our voice must get louder and we must become stronger advocates.  

Our work continues with your help!