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Invest in Lupus Research

You Can Accelerate Lupus Research

The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) is the global force behind lupus research. Thanks to partnerships with key philanthropic investors, we have driven every major lupus research breakthrough in the last 40 years; from supporting research that led to the first drug developed to specifically treat lupus, to the development of a diagnostic test to provide a faster, more accurate lupus diagnosis.  With your support, the next breakthrough can help people with lupus even sooner.

The Next Breakthrough

Private philanthropy affords opportunities for additional partnerships with lupus researchers and brings additional resources that help further understand the complex nature of lupus, all in an expedited time frame. We must take risks to discover how to better treat and ultimately cure lupus, but these risks can bring significant and lasting improvements. The potential for the next breakthrough is enormous, but not without help from you. Together we can:

Provide a Path for New Treatments

Developing more effective ways to test new treatments and get them to people with lupus faster. An unprecedented number of potential new medicines for lupus are in the pipeline: 55 as of fall 2018.

Fund Groundbreaking Research

More than 400 lupus research studies at top U.S. medical institution have relied on Lupus Foundation of America funding to drive breakthroughs in our understanding of lupus.

Reduce the Time to Diagnosis

On average, it takes six years and four doctors to get a lupus diagnosis. Investment in research to improve the diagnosis process is needed. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to preventing long-term consequences of the disease.

Help Us Continue This Positive Momentum
If you are interested in making a charitable investment and becoming a Lupus Foundation of America Research Partner, please call Donna Grogan, Vice President, Development & Fundraising, at (202) 349-1152.

Your contribution to our research portfolio will directly support work towards finding a cause and a cure for lupus.