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National Lupus Public Health Agenda

Providing a blueprint for public health strategies to fight lupus

In 2015, the Lupus Foundation of America worked closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Association of Chronic Diseases, and leading lupus and public health advocates to develop the National Public Health Agenda for Lupus to help fight lupus and improve the quality of life for the people living with the disease. 

The first of its kind, the Agenda identified public health priorities, strategies, and recommendations that are relevant and complementary to efforts in lupus biomedical research and clinical care and serve as a model of a comprehensive approach to lupus care and treatment. 

The National Public Health Agenda for Lupus continues to guide public health initiatives to advance the fight against lupus and serves as a blueprint for the type of collaboration among stakeholders that will be necessary to win this fight.

“The National Public Health Agenda for Lupus provides, for the first time, a much needed blueprint for all stakeholders to guide action in the fight against lupus.”
- Sandra C. Raymond

Public health priorities identified by the Agenda
Improve definitions

Create better case definitions for lupus that are appropriate for clinical diagnosis, surveillance and research.

Expand research

Expand public health research to determine who gets lupus, the quality of their care, and identify health disparities.


Develop, improve and increase the availability of evidence-based disease self-management programs and techniques.


Enhance local, regional and national capacity to provide resources for people with lupus, caregivers, physicians and researchers.

Care coordination

Support the development of care coordination models to facilitate collaboration between primary care physicians and rheumatologists.

Increase awareness

Implement awareness campaigns to illustrate the complexities of lupus and stress the importance of early diagnosis and disease management.