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Strengthening Medicare Part D

MAPRx Coalition
Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage for more than 48 million of America's seniors and those living with chronic diseases like lupus. Part D allows timely, affordable access to lifesaving therapies, and the MAPRx Coalition ensures the program continues to serve those who need it.
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Protecting and strengthening Medicare Part D

The Lupus Foundation of America founded the Medicare Access for Patients Rx (MAPRx) Coalition in 2005, shortly after the creation of Medicare Part D. Before the program began providing coverage to Americans in 2006, the Foundation brought together the patient advocacy community to lend its collective voice to the design and implementation of Part D.

More than a decade later, MAPRx continues to amplify the patient voice to protect, strengthen, and improve Medicare Part D. Under the Foundation’s leadership, MAPRx has become the leading voice on Medicare Part D in Washington, DC.

Today, the MAPRx Coalition brings together more than 60 national organizations, representing patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, committed to improving access to prescription medications through Medicare Part D and safeguarding the well-being of people who rely on the program. One out of every eight Americans have prescription drug coverage through Part D, and MAPRx’s members represent every segment of these beneficiaries.

To learn more about MAPRx and Medicare Part D, visit the MAPRx website.

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2024 Part D Open Enrollment

The annual Open Enrollment period for Medicare Part D coverage starting on January 1, 2024 will run from October 15 - December 7, 2023. Each year, MAPRx produces an Open Enrollment Guide to explain changes to the program and assist beneficiaries in choosing the plan that best meets their needs for the coming year.

If you are living with lupus and a new or existing Medicare Part D beneficiary, the Lupus Foundation of America has created a version of the 2024 Open Enrollment Guide specifically for you. Click here to view and download this version.

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15 Years of Part D: Celebrating Success, Building Towards the Future

On September 18, 2018 MAPRx hosted a Summit celebrating the first 15 years of Medicare Part D and its successes, while also highlighting some of the challenges facing the program and the opportunities to strengthen and improve it.

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On the 15th anniversary of Medicare Part D, MAPRx released a report which found that while the program is as popular and robust as ever, it faces challenges that, left unaddressed, could result in increased costs and limited access for millions of beneficiaries.

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