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Clinical trial resources and tools for lupus education and outreach in your community

An overview of the IMPACT for Lupus model and tailored materials to conduct outreach about lupus and clinical trials in African American faith communities.

The IMPACT for Lupus model

Awareness is fundamental to beginning the conversation about clinical trials. Before that dialogue begins, individuals must have basic knowledge of their disease, a basic understanding of treatment options available to them and information presented in a way that is easy to understand and actionable.

The IMPACT for Lupus model seeks to increase awareness of the lupus clinical trial process and improve engagement between healthcare providers and patients by working through local faith communities.

The church plays an integral role in the IMPACT for Lupus model. Health navigators and community ambassadors extend the church's reach by serving as trusted advocates to help lupus patients make informed decisions about their health needs, including speaking with their physicians about whether a clinical trial is right for them.

“Lupus is a disease that knows no boundaries, but is especially damaging in African Americans. In order to quickly advance the approval of safer and more effective lupus therapies, the whole lupus community needs to support these efforts. We encourage you to take the fight against lupus to your local community, and we believe our new IMPACT model of lupus outreach will help you do that. Engage your community—educate and participate!”
-Dr. Brad Rovin & Dr. Richard Furie 

IMPACT outreach and education materials
IMPACT for Lupus model overview

Download (PDF) a summary of the IMPACT for Lupus model’s key components.

You’ve Got the Power!

Download (PDF) of general information by the National Medical Association about African Americans & clinical trials.

Patient Bill of Rights

Guide for patients: Learn about your rights before and during a clinical trial. Download (PDF).

African Americans and Clinical Research

Download this guide (PDF) to learn about research, why you are needed in clinical trials and how you are protected.

Suggested Scriptures

Examples of biblical scriptures on health and healing that can be used in sermons or bulletins. Download (PDF).

Suggested Church Announcements

Examples of lupus clinical trial messages that can be featured in church sermons or bulletins. Download (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions about Lupus

Guide (PDF) to the different types of lupus, diagnosis and treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lupus Clinical Trials

Download this guide (PDF) to learn about the different types of lupus clinical trials, participation, benefits, risks and safety.

What is Happening to My Body? Lupus and African Americans

Important information about what lupus is and how it can affect you. Download (PDF).

You Can Make a Difference: Lupus Clinical Trials and African Americans

Information about lupus clinical trials and what to expect if you are interested in participating. Download (PDF).

Other Helpful Resources

Download this informational guide (PDF) that contains resources for lupus, clinical trials, and how to access them.