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The Lupus Foundation of America, Heartland Chapter is combining our Summer Jam Youth Retreat and Transitions Young Women’s Retreat in 2021 into an in-person, limited attendance wellness workshop. The day will be focused on helping you live well with lupus through your teens and into young adulthood. Breakout sessions will include age specific topics such as: preparing for college, your rights in the workplace, and managing your lupus on your own. There will also be wellness activities to help you learn how to cope with stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Plus, there will be opportunities to meet others your age to talk, share, and have fun too.


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Lupus Summer Jam Youth Retreat

The Summer Jam Youth Retreat is a weekend camp for girls ages 12-19 who are living with lupus. The camp is free of charge and provides an opportunity for girls with lupus to meet others their age who are living with the disease.

Watch the 2019 Summer Jam Youth Retreat video to learn more.

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Transitions Young Women's Retreat

In 2019 we launched Transitions, a retreat for young women with lupus. The retreat focuses on helping young women with lupus gain knowledge and support to live well with lupus though college, career, dating, family or whatever the future holds for them. A date for 2021 has not been set yet, stay tuned.

Watch the 2019 Transitions video to learn more