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Help us support people living with lupus on Give STL Day a 24-hour, online day-of-giving event, designed to ignite the spirit of giving across the region. Since its inception in 2014, Give STL Day has raised over $13 million for more than 900 regional nonprofits. This year, with your help, we are committed to make Give STL Day even more successful.

Give Today

Help Us Safeguard Your
Life-Saving Medicines

The past few weeks at the Heartland Chapter have been challenging. We could never have imagined that lupus would be a part of the news during the COVID-19 pandemic and that our organization would be at the forefront of safeguarding life-saving medications for people with lupus. We have worked hard for all of you and we hope that our efforts will make a difference very soon.

Learn More About Our Efforts Regarding Lupus and Coronavirus

All of this comes at a time where our Chapter has had to postpone to the fall our three largest sources of income – the Purple Ball and the St. Louis and Kansas City Walk to End Lupus Now events. As you can imagine, this has caused a great hardship for our Chapter and we have very few donations coming in. We have worked harder these past two weeks than ever and yet we are struggling to raise money.

Is this a good time to ask for a donation? Of course, we know it isn’t, but the reality is, we need your help!

Your donation through Give STL Day on May 7, 2020 will help us continue to fight for you and your loved ones and to ensure that you continue to have access to life-saving medications. 

Not available on May 7th? You can pre schedule a donation between April 2 and April 30th. 

This year you can also  create a unique fundraising campaign through Give STL. You set a fundraising goal and then encourage your network of family, friends, and colleagues to support us. Share your campaign page on social media and in emails.

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