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Follow Us On Social and RSS

We strive to make it as easy as possible to get our content, so we post resources, news, and services to multiple channels. Find your favorites below.


Experimental and inactive social networks

We're always giving new networks a try, so follow us there as well. These are the ones we're on (whether we post much or not):

  • Mastodon (experimental; auto-posting from RSS feeds)
  • Bluesky (experimental; auto-posting from RSS feeds)


Basic RSS feeds are below. To subscribe, click on the link, copy the URL and add it to your favorite RSS reader.

Advanced RSS feeds

RSS feeds can be customized by adding the same URL parameters that you see in a search on the News or Browse Resources pages to the Base URLs.

Base URLs:

Add the URL parameters from a filter page, followed by &_format=rss 



  • _format=rss - required to get an rss feed
  • _limit - will allow you to fetch more than the default of 12
  • keywords - allows the insertion of one keyword to filter results by
  • _sort
    • date
    • relevance
  • _order
    • asc
    • desc
  • language - allows you to get only one language.
    • en (default)
    • es 
    • zh-hans
  • _chapter - number of the chapter whose news/events and syndicated articles to pull


No page mentioning where you can follow us would be complete without mentioning our email lists. These are the emails that you can subscribe to:

  • Newsletter: our monthly newsletter and other information to keep you informed on the latest news and ways to get involved.
  • Inside Lupus Research: (usually) bi-weekly emails that give you the latest headlines from the world of lupus research.
  • Take Charge: a 12-week email series for people with lupus, including those recently diagnosed. 
  • The Expert Series: email notifications when we upload a new episode of our podcast.