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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in North Carolina

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Our Constituent Services

The Lupus Foundation of America convenes Lupus experts, implements strategies, and deploys resources to help Solve the Cruel Mystery of Lupus and end its brutal impact through a comprehensive program of research, support, education, and advocacy. Across the nation, our programs and services all have a common purpose: to improve the quality of life for all people affected by Lupus. Below is the list of Support & Services provided by the LFA, NC Chapter.

Support Services
NC Lupus Help Line

We are proud to offer a toll-free help line to people living with Lupus, their family, friends, and caregivers in the state of North Carolina. Our knowledgeable and compassionate health educators provide caring support to people with Lupus, their families, and their caregivers by answering questions and directing individuals to local resources in their community. You can reach our help line by calling 704-716-5640 or by completing our online contact us form.

Lupus Educational Materials

The LFANC has a full library of professionally approved medical educational materials that is as vast as the disease of Lupus itself. Whether you need a Newly Diagnosed or Seeking Diagnosis Packet, information on a new symptom, or more, contact us through our NC Lupus Help Line to find out what free resources we can send to you.


Referral Services

Lupus can produce an individual to have many needs. Through our Referral Services, we can tap into our comprehensive Information and Referral Database to connect you with the organizations and programs that can assist you with your needs. In addition to providing information on local community resources and national assistance programs, we also have a list of North Carolina physicians available to aid persons who wish to seek the assistance of a doctor specializing in the diagnosis or treatment of Lupus.

Physician Directory

Our directory provides you with a list of medical professionals within North Carolina who are available to assist you with your healthcare needs. Find out more about the NC Chapter's Physician Directory by emailing our office at

Educational Opportunities
Support Groups

People with Lupus often feel alone with their disease and the everyday struggles that the disease brings to their lives, especially during times when the disease is active. The philosophy of LFA support groups is to provide a warm and caring environment where people with Lupus, their family members, caregivers, and loved ones can share their experiences, methods of coping, and insights into living with this chronic illness. 

See our current list of support groups.

Educational Seminars

Throughout the state of NC we provide in-person educational opportunities by way of workshops, and conferences for patients, caregivers, and the medical community. The presenters for these seminars are professionals in their field of expertise, and offer a unique opportunity to learn valuable information to equip individuals in their daily journey with Lupus.

In-Home Educational Opportunities

We know that health, distance, and schedules can sometimes prohibit individuals from attending in-person educational events. Therefore, our chapter offers educational opportunities that you can participate in from the comfort & privacy of your own home.

We also have a robust media library of videos, audio, and presentations from past educational opportunities.


The North Carolina Chapter distributes an outstanding monthly eNewsletter that provide individuals with breaking information on Lupus, upcoming events, and local opportunities for involvement. Sign up for our mailing list.


For more information about the LFA, NC Chapter's support & services, fill out the online contact us form,or call our office at 704-716-5640.