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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in North Carolina
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Lupus Advocate Bureau

Launched in June 2012, the Lupus Advocate Bureau’s (LAB) mission is to raise the awareness of lupus by sharing personal stories and accurate information about lupus and the Lupus Foundation of America (LFANC) to targeted audiences in North Carolina, contributing to earlier diagnosis, proper treatment, and improved prognosis for those affected by this disease.  Through this evolutionary form of a speakers bureau, increasing awareness about the programs and services of the LFANC will enable us to better serve the estimated 45,000 North Carolina residents living with lupus and those that care about them.  The LAB’s mission is also to heighten understanding of the need for lupus research on the state and federal level and the LFANC’s ongoing need for financial support.

LAB members are very important members of the LFANC family and contain a balanced mix of individuals nominated by the LFANC leadership and currently has an inaugural group of ten (10) members. When identifying individuals to be a part of LAB, the LFANC looked for those with a combination of unique attributes and skill set to allow us to spread awareness throughout North Carolina. Below are just a few qualities that the LFANC leadership looks for in LAB members:

  • Knowledgeable about lupus and the LFANC
  • Committed to the mission of the LFANC
  • At least 18 years of age (if under 18, accompanied by parent)
  • A current, approved volunteer with the LFANC and in good standing
  • Represents the qualities the LFANC strives to instill
  • Well-spoken
  • Professional demeanor
  • Engaging
  • Personable
  • Passionate about the LFANC’s cause

LAB members speak or share their personal journey with lupus to a variety of audiences which may include but are not limited to:

  • Business Entities
  • Service Organizations
  • Religious Groups
  • Legislative Groups
  • Educational Institutions
  • Professional Organizations
  • Cultural or Minority Groups
  • Medical Community
  • Media

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Funding for the Lupus Advocate Bureau made in part by:


For more information about LFA, NC Chapter's Lupus Advocate Bureau, fill out the online contact us form, or call our office at 704-716-5640 or toll-free at 877-849-8271.