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Lupus and lupus clinical trial resources and tools for Navigators in faith communities

Resources for navigator training and tailored materials to use for community outreach efforts.

Navigators are connectors. 

Navigators connect the faith community with resources about lupus and clinical trials. 

Navigators create education and awareness opportunities for people with lupus about lupus clinical trials.

Navigators work with physicians and other healthcare professionals to make them aware of lupus clinical trials and where to refer patients. 

Navigators connect with the local academic centers and/or clinical research studies in the area.

Navigators under the IMPACT for Lupus model should have the following qualifications:

  • Connection to the community (e.g., lives in and involved in the community, church, etc.) 
  • Compassion and empathy to maintain sustainable relationships with the community
  • Public health or nurse background OR equivalent experience, such as study coordinator experience 
  • Can clearly articulate, verbally and in writing, the aims and goals of the program

For the IMPACT for Lupus pilot program, the Lupus Foundation of America partnered with local groups who have experience and proven success in faith-based outreach. Local groups identified Navigators with existing connections to churches and faith communities. Supervised Navigator outreach activities will include the following steps:

  1. Pray
  2. Connect with church leadership
  3. Organize a health sermon
  4. Organize health workshop or other events
  5. Identify potential congregants/families who may be interested in clinical trials and consider direct outreach 
  6. Connect patients and primary care physicians with options/availability
  7. Counsel on the benefits/opportunities/safeguards/risks of clinical trials
  8. Be a resource for patients and clinical trial providers/centers
  9. Follow up
  10. Pray

The resources below include Navigator training and tailored materials to use for community outreach efforts.

IMPACT Resources for Navigators
Navigator Steps

Download (PDF) these key steps that Navigators can use when planning faith community outreach.

Navigator Training Manual

Guided presentations about lupus and clinical trials to help prepare Navigators for outreach. Download (PDF).

You’ve Got the Power!

Download (PDF) of general information by the National Medical Association about African Americans & clinical trials.

Patient Bill of Rights

Guide for patients: Learn about your rights before and during a clinical trial. Download (PDF).

African Americans and Clinical Research

Download this guide (PDF) to learn about research, why you are needed in clinical trials and how you are protected.

Suggested Scriptures

Examples of biblical scriptures on health and healing that can be used in sermons or bulletins. Download (PDF).

Suggested Church Announcements

Examples of lupus clinical trial messages that can be featured in church sermons or bulletins. Download (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions about Lupus

Guide (PDF) to the different types of lupus, diagnosis and treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lupus Clinical Trials

Download this guide (PDF) to learn about the different types of lupus clinical trials, participation, benefits, risks and safety.

You Can Make a Difference: Lupus Clinical Trials and African Americans

Information about lupus clinical trials and what to expect if you are interested in participating. Download (PDF).

What is Happening to My Body? Lupus and African Americans

Important information about what lupus is and how it can affect you. Download (PDF).

Other Helpful Resources

Download this informational guide (PDF) that contains resources for lupus, clinical trials, and how to access them.