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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in Georgia

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Whether you are new to lupus, a long-time patient, a caregiver, or anyone else who is interested in fighting lupus, we're here to help!

Medical Information

For insurance needs, medications and the availability of free medications for certain lupus patients, we recommend contacting the following organizations:

Other Organizations

Government Sites:

National Foundations:



Our goal is to provide care to lupus patients who depend on Grady Hospital.  For evaluations patients need:

  • A referral by a Grady physician
  • Patients must have a Grady Health card or insurance.

To obtain a card, call 404-616-6923 or visit the Grady Card/financial counseling office for more information at:  80 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Call the Grady Lupus Clinic to schedule an appointment at:   404-616-3642