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Create a Tribute Fundraiser

Create a Tribute Fundraiser

Create a tribute or memorial fundraiser to honor someone whose life has been impacted or lost by lupus.

Pay Tribute 

A donation to the Lupus Foundation or America is a thoughtful way to honor someone whose life had been impacted by lupus. Gifts can be made to recognize milestones in a lupus warrior's life or to honor the memory of someone who lost their battle with this disease while raising money for research, advocacy, education, support and care services. 


In Memory

When a loved one passes away from lupus or complications with lupus, a donation page can be created in their memory to show support.

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In Honor

When a loved one is fighting lupus, you can show your support by creating a page in their honor. These pages can also be created to celebrate special occasions such as weddings, milestone birthdays, and Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs.

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Why Create a Tribute Page?
Honor a Loved One

One of the best ways to honor family and friends affected by lupus is to keep fighting the disease.

Raise Funds for Research

Accelerate the path to a cause and a cure, while providing hope to millions of lupus patients.

Spread the Word on Lupus

Boost awareness and understanding of this cruel and mysterious disease.