Doctors Who Treat Lupus

The form of lupus and its symptoms determine what type of doctor you will see. Most people who have mild to moderate disease will be treated by a rheumatologist, who specializes in the diseases of joints and muscles.  Your rheumatologist may have a healthcare team to include Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Infusion Center staff, and Health Educators that are trained to access and provide treatment and resources.

However, if your lupus causes kidney problems, you will also see a nephrologist, a specialist in diseases of the renal system.

If you have rashes or lesions, you will see a dermatologist, who specializes in diseases that affect the skin (including the scalp and the mouth).

Because lupus can cause damage to any part of the body, other specialists may be necessary, such as a cardiologist, who specializes in heart problems, or a neurologist, who specializes in problems that affect the brain and nervous system, or a perinatologist, who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.