Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts is a series of educational talks and presentations on a variety of topics designed to provide you with important information about living with lupus. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the presentations and ask questions to some of the world’s leading lupus experts. This program is provided at no cost to participants.

We are thrilled to be able to continue this valuable free service for people with lupus, their families, caregivers and loved ones in 2016.

September 2016: Lupus and Clinical Research

September 2016: Las investigaciones clínicas de los NIH y usted

July 2016: Lupus and the Eye

July 2016: Ser Cuidador de Una Persona Con Lupus Y Como Manejarlo Eficazmente

May 2016: Mental Health and Pediatric Lupus

May 2016: Manejo general del lupus: 10 pasos para una salud integral

March 2016: Steroid Use in Children with Lupus

March 2016: Diagnóstico del lupus

January 2016: Self Advocacy in Lupus (English)

January 2016: Abogando Por Su Salud (Espanol)

November 2015: Social Security Disability & SSI Benefits for Those with Lupus

September 2015: Lupus in Children and Adolescents with Dr. Stacy Ardoin

July 2015: Conceptos generales del lupus: mitos y realidades

July 2015: Lupus Diagnosis with Dr. Donald Thomas

May 2015: Antiphospholipid Antibodies and Lupus Anticoagulants with Elisabet Svenungsson

March 2015: Understanding & Managing the Stress of Caregiving with Sharon Mack

January 2015: Exercise and Lupus with Dr. Hazel L. Breland

November 2014: Winter Wellness with Dr. Betsy Blazek-O'Neill

September 2014: Dealing with Holiday Stress with Cindy Coney

July 2014: Embarazo en pacientes con Lupus Eritematoso Sistémico

May 2014: Photosensitivity in Cutaneous Lupus with Dr. Victoria Werth

March 2014: Cardiac Issues with Dr. Jim Oates and Monica Richey

January 2014: Health Insurance Marketplace with Susan Gustafson, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

November 2013: Complementary Medicines with Dr. Betsy Blazek-O'Neill

September 2013: Caregiving with Mr. Paul DelPonte

July 2013: Social Security Disability and Lupus with Ms. Sheri Abrams

May 2013: Exercise and Lupus with Dr. Betsy Blazek-O'Neill

March 2013: Lupus and Stress with Cindy Coney

January 2013: Nutrition and Lupus with Dr. Ronenn Roubenoff