Spread Awareness

Building awareness of lupus is essential to improve early diagnosis and treatment of this unpredictable and misunderstood disease, and ensure that people with lupus are aware of the support and resources available to help them manage the disease.

Through awareness campaigns, celebrity engagement, and online and social marketing, we work to bring greater attention to lupus and to rally public support to help solve the cruel mystery of lupus and end its brutal impact.

There are many ways that you can join the Lupus Foundation of America in spreading awareness of lupus and help bring greater attention and resources to the fight to end lupus.


Lupus Awareness Month

Lupus Awareness Month is an annual observance to call attention to lupus and its impact on the lives of millions of individuals and families.

Put On Purple

Put on Purple for lupus awareness and tell people why you are showing your support for people affected by lupus.

World Lupus Day

World Lupus Day is an international call to action for governments around the world to increase their financial support for lupus research, awareness and patient services.

Lupus Voices Across America

Lupus Voices Across America is a community for people with lupus and supporters to tell their stories and give a voice to their experiences.

Become a Media Spokesperson

Sign up to serve as a source for news reporters and editors who seek to include comments from people living with lupus in their stories about the disease.

Dear Lupus

If you were face-to-face with lupus, what would you say?