Community Service Day at St. Peters

St. Peter's school welcomed the LFA, WI Chapter with open arms as we celebrated their quarterly Community Service Project.  After each class learned about lupus, and what they could do to help people with lupus, the entire school came together for an outstanding creative project.  79 signs were made by the children!  These signs will be used at the Walk to End Lupus Now in Milwaukee and Middleton next summer.  The purpose of the signs is to encourage and thank those participating in the walk and at the same time will keep them on the right path.

The LFA, Wisconsin Chapter would like to thank Principal Phil Punzel, all the teachers, and mostly the 167 students who made this day a success! 


For information on lupus and children or teenagers, please contact the LFA, WI Chapter.  Explaining lupus to children, especially those who have been diagnosed can be intimidating and difficult.  We encourage bringing your health care provider into the conversation.