Be Fierce. Take Control.

We are striving to reach more of those affected by lupus through this campaign launched in 2017. The Lupus Foundation of America and the American College of Rheumatology unveiled a new awareness campaign, “Be Fierce.Take Control™.,” designed to educate and empower young African American and Latino women, who are most at-risk for developing lupus.

The goal of the national campaign, which is funded in part by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of lupus, and ultimately to reduce the time to diagnosis. Early diagnosis and treatment is critical to preventing long-term consequences of the disease. Traditionally, lupus diagnosis in the United States can often take years.

The campaign uses social media, video, digital advertising, and audience engagement to reach these young women and educate them about the signs and symptoms of lupus. The campaign website also provides trusted tools and resources such as the “Could it Be Lupus?” interactive questionnaire so those with symptoms can learn how to take that next step and talk to their healthcare provider.

Feeling not quite like yourself? It’s time to stop procrastinating and take control of your health. Your symptoms could mean something.

Have you been experiencing symptoms that you can’t quite explain, that make you feel not like yourself? It’s okay to say that something isn’t right.

When it comes to your health, it’s okay to put yourself first. If you aren’t feeling quite like yourself, find out what it could mean.


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