Nov. 04, 2014

Thank you Madison for a successful first walk!

Congratulations and Thank You! 

Here at the LFA, WI Chapter, we have had a whirlwind of activity the past couple months.  Thank you for being patient with us.  All pledges were due by October 10, 2014 to be eligible for prizes.

The first Walk to End Lupus Now – Madison was a success bringing in $62,887.66!  On behalf of the Lupus Foundation of America, Wisconsin Chapter’s Board of Directors, staff and volunteers we thank you for your commitment and participation for exceeding our goal in attendance and revenue. It is hard to believe that our top 6 teams each raised at least $3000! We had 555 registered walkers!

The largest contribution came from Darlene and Mary’s Angels with Scott Maier as the Team Captain.  We have $7644.00 listed as pledges brought in, however Darlene Troia and Mary Cain’s families were absolutely incredible in raising funds through sponsorships as well.  These sister’s families truly understands the importance of our grassroots effort to make this walk a success!  We thank Scott Maier, Kim and Will Hensen and Phil Troia for their extra efforts.

Team Powderkeg brought in $4425.00 with Dylan Thompson as their Team Captain!  We would like to thank Dylan, Kevin Lucius, and your entire team for raising valuable funds. We appreciate your hard work! 

In third place and one of our hardest Walk to End Lupus Now committee members, is Patricia Saunders who led Team Cleary, and raised $3465.00 all on her own.  Patricia sought out many of our prizes, sponsors and donated items we needed to help things run smoothly. You rock girl!

Annie’s Army came in fourth, with Ann Wagner at the helm.  We received many checks sent directly to the foundation with “Annie’s Army” written in the memo line and 58 donors on Greg Wagner’s Firstgiving page!  Thank you Ann and your family, for your many years of support!

In fifth place are Dawn Nelson and her team, The Wolfpack. Dawn gives her heart and soul to our mission, along with her sister Nancy Johnson, one of our support group leaders, plus their supportive families.  This team worked many hours helping us to prepare for this fun day!  Thank you all so much!

Our sixth place team, Team Lonie with Team Captain Teresa Caya who raised an impressive $3000! This was a wonderful surprise to find a $3000 check in the day of pledge box!  Thank you Teresa for all your efforts!

Below are all the hard working teams and their Team Captain’s names that rose over $250.
$1890   Fred & Shirley Ziegler Family – Shirley Ziegler 
$1695   Team Choua – Amanda Berg
$1636   Hayley’s Comets – Julie Gigous
$1009   Team Two sisters – Kim Hovind-Allard
$765   Tammy’s Fishes – Tammy Fish
$710   Holy Walkamolies – Michelle Thomas
$695   Mick’s Minions – Shirley Hardy
$570   Jordan’s Team - Jordan Sanville
$496   Janet’s “It can’t be Lupus!” team - Janet Stonecipher
$480   Educators to end Lupus – Vaunce Ashby
$475   “Just keep swimming!” – Rosalynn Rudd
$470   Tiffany’s Troupe – Tiffany Han
$375   Circolo D’Angelo – Julie D’Angelo
$375   Felix and the lupus fighters – Kristin Larson
$295   Abbynormal – Abby Koltes
$285   The A-Team – Angela Cunningham

Here is a list of individuals who will be receiving a LFA water bottle who rose over $250!

They are in descending order. For those participants who raised over $500 we will be sending an additional donated prize.

Patricia Maher Saunders 
Ann Wagner
Teresa Caya
Kevin Lucius
Kim Hensen
Dawn Nelson
Amanda Berg
Julie Gigous
Scott Maier
Jordana Lenon
Shirley Ziegler
Kim Hovind-Allard
Phil Troia
Marlene Witt
Tammy Fish
Nancy Laubmeier
Shirley Hardy
Jordan Sanville
Emily Ruffini
Aaron Lucius
Dylan Thompson
Janet Stonecipher
Nancy L. Johnson
Rosalynn Rudd
Tiffany Han
Kris Harrison
Julie D’Angelo
Jeremiah Kasdorf
Cheryl McIlquham
Peter & Cathy Thomas
Abby Koltes
Danielle Gallagher
Shannon Davis
Vaunce Ashby
Mary Wells
Sharon Bannon
Angela Cunningham
Autumn Ballen
Michelle Thomas
Anna Thompson
Alina McIntyre

This event was so wonderful and energizing!  Thank you again to our fabulous walk committee and all your work enabling us to continue and grow our mission!

THANKS to our generous sponsors, Supreme Structures and their 2014 Crazylegs Team was our Presenting Sponsor.  Cleary Building Corp., PDQ Food Stores, Inc., Meriter, Cousins Subs, Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin, Fred and Shirley Ziegler Family, Hensen Bros. Dairy, Ron and Deborah Krantz, and Noodles & Company were Silver Sponsors.  Bronze Sponsors were Rocky's Flooring, Graphicolor, and Carl F. Statz & Sons Inc. Plus, all our Friends sponsors and donors were all great supporters.

Thank you Mr. Charlie Shortino for your gift of time and talent as our Celebrity Chair.  We appreciate you so very much!

Thank you to the City of Middleton and the use of Fireman's Park and also Middleton High School for the use of your parking lot and helping to find volunteers (including that talented dance team!).

To see photos of this event click here.