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Why I Walk Video Submission

Want to be a part of the Walk to End Lupus Now virtual program on October 16?

Submit a short video and tell us why YOU walk!

The video will be featured on the chapter Facebook page and will be incorporated in the program on walk day. To submit your video, please follow the instructions below. Make sure to follow the time guidelines so we can hear from as many teams as possible! Email Brendan Heine with any questions at


Video Script & Instructions
  • Pre-record a fun, spirited video that will play during our virtual walk program
  • Script (please stick to this script and fill in blanks accordingly - videos that are off script will not be used): "I am (NAME) and I live in (CITY) and I walk for/to..."
  • What to wear: wear purple, team shirt or use props if you have them!
  • Length: Maximum 10 seconds
  • Deadline: 9/24/2021


Filming Guidelines
  • Always record in horizontal format. If using your phone, prop up against a flat surface or use a tripod
  • Make sure you are at least 3 feet away from the camera
  • Make sure the camera is set up at chest level (a little below chest level works even better if you can set it up)
  • Remember when putting your best self on the internet, NEVER do so without proper lighting! (You should face the light source, never against it e.g. Window, sunlight – natural light works best)
  • Make sure there is no background noise (no TVs/music playing, cell phones on silent, etc.)
  • Speak with excitement, sincerity, energy and smiles!!
  • When recording, press record and wait at least 2-3 seconds before starting to speak, then wait at least 2-3 seconds at the end to end the recording. This is helpful for our editing purposes!
  • Wear anything purple, a shirt, sunglasses, hairbands, wigs, lipstick, anything fun!


Submitting Your Video

The file sizes of videos are often large. To send the video, email For larger files, you can use WeTransfer. Go to from your computer (or phone if you filmed on your phone), upload your video file and send it to