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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
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We are here for you.

We offer support groups, self-help courses, emergency financial assistance, a seminar series, and more for our community. Check out our offerings below.

As an additional resource, check out Us in Lupus for more.

guggenheim COVID grant

The Guggenheim Grant-In-Aid Fund was established to provide limited financial assistance for special or emergency needs for individuals with lupus.

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woman looing back support groups

A support group is a self-help group, composed of people with lupus along with their family members and friends who gather periodically to share common concerns. Support groups are a place to be yourself, facilitated by positive and empowering leaders who are in your corner! We offer meetings in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

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living well symposium women woman getting convention

We are pleased to present our signature educational program, the Living Well with Lupus Series. Each symposium brings together people living with lupus, their families, interested health professionals and a panel of experts to share the latest information to help individuals live well - or better - with lupus.

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A support group meeting, and one woman is raising her hand

SLESH-the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Self-Help Course-is a five week program designed to teach people with lupus how to take a more active part in their healthcare and live better with this chronic disease. This program is FREE and offered 1-2 times per year!

Topics include: General information about lupus, medications & treatments, exercise & nutrition, doctor-patient communication, fatigue management, and relaxation & stress management techniques.

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SELF is a free, convenient and customized self management program--offering easy to use tools, trackers, information, support and reminders. There is no other online tool like it.

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A living collection of up-to-date resources and information on lupus. Doctors, scientists, health educators, and people with lupus work together to create our resources and programs. That means we have the trusted information you need to learn about lupus.

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