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We're committed to partnering with lupus warriors, their friends and loved ones, and the medical community to fulfill our vision of a life free of lupus.

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Lupus Leadership Interest Meetings

We are expanding our reach and raising our voices in SoCal. We are looking for those interested in becoming a leader in the lupus community! We are seeking volunteers for the following roles: Lupus Support Group Facilitator Lupus Ambassador Lupus Advocate Leaders We have five Interest Meetings in various parts of SoCal over the next two months. If you are interested, RSVP at or contact Wendy Rodgers at [email protected] or 213-407-1058.

Night of Beauty on January 30, 2020

Night of Beauty brings together the lupus community for a night of inspiration, education, and empowerment. RSVP to save your spot at this event on January 30th – space is limited. Find more details here:

Night of Beauty
The Lupus Project on February 22, 2020

We hope you will join us at The Lupus Project 2020! The goal of The Lupus Project is to bring together individuals living with lupus and their families to a convenient, fun, informative, and social affair where the major Lupus organizations of California and several health conscious businesses come together for one day to share about their resources.

The Lupus Project
2020 National Lupus Advocacy Summit

The 2020 National Lupus Advocacy Summit will be held from March 15-17 at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. Join hundreds of lupus advocates from across the country and urge your members of Congress to support funding for lupus research and policies to improve the lives of everyone living with this disease.

We were 25 strong from California last year and we will have more this year - be one of them!

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Make Your Own Fundraiser!

Make Your Mark is the community fundraising program of the Lupus Foundation of America. Each year, hundreds of Make Your Mark members organize unique events and athletic feats that raise money to fight lupus. Use your passion to raise funds for lupus through a local event, special occasion, athletic competition or whatever you have in mind. A birthday party. A bake sale. A 5K. A half marathon, marathon or triathlon race for lupus. There's no limit to how you can raise money to fight lupus.

Start a Fundraiser for LFA!