What should I know about travel to the United States for medical treatment?

To travel to the United States for medical treatment, it is necessary to apply for a visa at the US consulate in your country. The visa requested is a general nonimmigrant visa (B-2). There is no special visa to travel for medical treatment. To determine your eligibility for a visa, you must contact the American embassy in your country. In addition to the general documents that must be completed to apply for a B-2 visa, you will need the following documents to apply for a visa for medical treatment:
1. A professional diagnosis by a physician in your country of origin, describing your current health condition and why treatment should be conducted in the United States.
2. An official letter from the doctor or hospital in the United States to confirm they are accepting patients for treatment. This document must carry a full report on the estimated cost and duration of treatment. The estimated cost must include all costs of treatment and medical care.
3. Proof that you can pay the full cost of treatment. If you will not pay your own expenses, you will need a letter from the individual or organization that will take care of expenses including medical, transport costs and accommodation expenses. You must show evidence of being able to pay the costs, either in the form of bank statements or other forms of proof of income, savings, or certified copies of tax payments.
4. Proof of economic, social and professional ties that require you to return home after completing medical treatment.
Start your visa application process well in advance of the scheduled date of travel and do not make concrete travel plans or buy tickets until the visa has been issued. The Lupus Foundation of America cannot serve as a visa sponsor. In addition to the US Consulate in your country, you can find more information on the website of the United States Department of State.