Groundbreaking Study on Stem Cell Therapy for Lupus

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A new stem cell study could provide a potentially transformative treatment for lupus.

The study is a first-of-its-kind phase II stem cell clinical trial. As such, it marks a major milestone in lupus research history. Stem cell research has provided hope for Parkinson’s disease leukemia, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, osteoarthritis, as well as 80 other diseases.

The Lupus Foundation of America has long been a leader in pioneering basic and clinical adult stem cell research. Since 2007, the Lupus Foundation of America has awarded $1.2 million to researchers investigating stem cells as a treatment for lupus and severe manifestations of the disease.

The study led by Drs. Gary Gilkeson and Diane Kamen of the Medical University of South Carolina will build on promising research to see how patients given both the stem cell therapy and standard lupus therapies respond compared with patients who are only given standard therapies. Like any treatment,  stem cell therapy must first be rigorously tested to determine if it is as safe and effective as previous research suggests.

We Need New Treatments Now

It took more than 50 years for a new drug to be approved for lupus, and it does not work for everyone. We believe people with lupus deserve more and better treatment options, and this study provides hope for the future.

If successful, this therapy may diminish the often debilitating long-term effects of lupus, reduce the need for medications like steroids with harmful side effects, stop damage to vital organs, and ultimately save lives. Most importantly, it has the potential to have an immediate and life-altering impact for some of the sickest patients who do not benefit from the current treatments available.

We are rallying support for this promising research so it will get the attention and funding needed to move forward.

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Too many people living with lupus have to push aside their dreams, quit their jobs, or stop going to school. This research offers them hope and a potential treatment that could give them a chance to get their life back.

By supporting this groundbreaking research with your own generous contribution, you can change the future for thousands of people with lupus. Together, we can provide hope and change the future for people with lupus NOW.