We Fund Lupus Investigators Directly to Advance Understanding of Lupus

The Lupus Foundation of America is dedicated to addressing scientific issues that for decades have obstructed basic, clinical, epidemiological, behavioral, and translational lupus research. Our research grant program focuses its support in areas of research where significant gaps in scientific knowledge about lupus exist, and where other public and private organizations are not focusing their efforts. 

Through our peer review lupus research program, the Foundation directly funds lupus investigators to conduct studies in areas identified by our Medical-Scientific Advisory Council. Present and past areas of research focus include:

  • adult stem cell transplantation
  • animal models of lupus
  • biomarkers identification and validation of biomarkers
  • lupus-related cardiovascular disease
  • cutaneous (skin) lupus
  • improved early recognition and diagnosis of lupus
  • fatigue
  • genetics of pediatric, adolescent, and male lupus
  • lupus-related kidney disease (nephritis)
  • neuropsychiatric disease manifestations of lupus
  • patient-reported outcomes
  • pediatric lupus
  • mid-to-late stage translational research

The Foundation is committed to accelerating the pace of medical discoveries relevant to lupus, with the clear goal of making clinical research more feasible. We undertake scientific initiatives to overcome barriers and advance understanding of lupus and accelerate development of new, more tolerable and effective treatments for lupus.  

Learn more about our Peer Reviewed Grant Program.