Oct. 16, 2018

Exagen Announces Launch of Novel Biomarker PC4d Associated with Thrombosis in Lupus

A new lab test was recently announced that measures byproducts of the complement system that are attached to a specific component of blood called platelets. Platelets are the component in your blood responsible for normal healthy clotting to aid in the process of injury healing. The test is called PC4d and is available as a part of the AVISE® SLE Monitor test. This test can shed insight into lupus disease activity and specific risk factors for patients with lupus.

In many cases lupus can go into remission or generate only mild symptoms, however in more aggressive cases the disease can attack vital organs or cells. One of the more severe symptoms that lupus can lead to is harmful thrombosis or blood clots. In their worst form, thrombotic events can lead to permanent disability or death. The new PC4d blood test may provide more information about a lupus patient’s risk for thrombosis. In studies of lupus patients, the presence of elevated PC4d was significantly associated with thrombosis and ischemic stroke. There are effective treatments, including anti-coagulants, that can help reduce the risk of thrombosis in many cases where deemed appropriate by a prescribing healthcare professional. The availability of PC4d as part of the AVISE® SLE Monitor test means that lupus patients and their doctors may have access to information that just might lead to improvements in the lives of lupus patients.