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A recent  Ad Council survey found that 80 percent of young women, those most at risk for the disease, say they have little or no knowledge of lupus. Increased awareness and understanding of the signs and symptoms of lupus can encourage individuals to seek medical evaluation that can lead to early diagnosis and help prevent life-threatening consequences of lupus.

Pacific Northwest Regional Office is continuously expanding its efforts to get closer to find a cure for lupus. Through its programs and services, it is creating more awareness for people with lupus on how to better manage this disease. Our information and services includes:

Physician Directory of Washington and Oregon

Follow this link to view a directory of physicians familiar with lupus in the Pacific Northwest. This directory is for informational purposes only. The Lupus Foundation of America does not recommend or endorse specific providers. It is the individual's responsibility to perform their own due diligence when seeking medical care.

Lupus Information

There are many individuals who contact us by phone or online and want to receive information.  The Lupus Foundation of America provides an information packet, which includes the following:

Coping with Lupus (booklet)
Diagnosing Lupus (booklet)
Living with Lupus (booklet)
Treating Lupus (booklet)
Understanding Lupus (booklet)
Lupus Now Magazine

Additional brochures are included according to the pertinent needs or symptoms of individuals.