Nov. 06, 2017

Celebrating High-Impact Volunteers All Year Long


Now that the 2017 Walk To End Lupus Now is done, we are filled with gratitude for the amazing men and woman who make this special event possible.  Volunteers, especially those able to make significant contributions of time, talents, or connections, are at the heart of the Walk To End Lupus Now.  Together, we work to increase awareness of this disease in the Pacific Northwest and raise funds vital to the pursuit of a cure.  We are proud to highlight Walk To End Lupus Now Key Volunteers and Committee members all year long because these individuals work tirelessly to ensure a great event for you and your loved ones year after year.  If you want to get involved, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call (425) 336-2309 because you have the power to change the lives of the millions of people affected by lupus in need your help today.  

We want to thank Laura Ng for her continued commitment to the Walk To End Lupus Now and celebrate her as she takes on a new leadership role for the 2018 event.  Congratulations Laura! 

This month, we want to thank Laura Ng for her continued commitment to the Walk To End Lupus Now.  Laura, along with National Board President Conrad Gehrmann, led this year’s Walk at beautiful Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington in September.  Laura is a remarkable young woman who knows what it is like to have lupus.  She has known what it’s like for many years, being diagnosed at age 7 following a stroke.  She speaks about the importance of self-care and incorporates yoga and salsa often to keep herself healthy and manage the symptoms of lupus such as severe fatigue. She says people tell her she looks great and that she doesn’t look sick.  They don’t know the way her “immune system is always at war- attacking itself”.  

Despite being diagnosed with SLE, a severe form of lupus, at a very young age, Laura has defied all odds and has already accomplished so much.  She completed a Masters degree at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work in Integrated Health/Mental Health, an impressive feat for any person, with or without lupus.   Laura identifies as a person with disabilities and has worked at the Alliance of People with disAbilities, working to empowering other people with disabilities and remove barriers.  Most recently, she has volunteered as a Peer Specialist, providing support to those in recovery.  Her struggles and victories have transformed her into the stronger and more independent woman that she is today.  This incredible young woman somehow takes on even more, recently accepting a role of the Walk To End Lupus Now committee in which she will work year-around to raise awareness of lupus and promote and produce the  Walk To End Lupus Now event which brings together people with lupus, and their supporters, from across the region to celebrate progress and give hope for a future free of lupus.