Support Groups

One of our most important programs that we run is our support group network. We have this high opinion of support groups for two main reasons:

  1. To foster open discussion of how lupus affects our lives
  2. To assist and support group members in developing skills to deal with their (or a friend or family member's) life with lupus

 A support group is not designed to provide professional psychotherapy or counseling. Almost all Greater Ohio Chapter support group facilitators are volunteers, who have a desire to help others. These volunteers are not always trained professionals, but all support group facilitators receive special training by professionals to provide a caring non-threatening environment. Confidentiality is a must! Any information that might individually identify a group member cannot be discussed/revealed outside the group.

FAQ's About Support Groups

What is a Lupus Support Group?

How Does A Lupus Support Group Work?

Why Are Support Groups Needed?

Do I Have To Have Lupus To Attend?

How Do I Join a Support Group?



*It should be noted that the opinions and statements expressed by the group members do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the Greater Ohio Chapter.