Lupus Answers

What is lupus?

What causes lupus?

How is lupus diagnosed?

How does a person with lupus know when to call the doctor?

How do I explain lupus to others?

What are common triggers for a lupus flare?

What are the laboratory tests for lupus?

What happens if I leave my lupus untreated?

How do I deal with feelings of anger or frustration?

Why is having a support system important?

How do I care for my loved one who has lupus while caring for myself?

What are the common symptoms of lupus?

Will my child’s vision health be affected by lupus treatments?

Should I explain my child’s lupus to teachers and extracurricular activities leaders?

Is lupus a fatal disease?

What are some helpful hints when caring for my child with lupus?

How does lupus affect the skin?

How is lupus treated?

How do friends and family cope with a diagnosis of lupus in a child?

Will my child’s bone health be affected by lupus treatments?

Is there a specific diet for children with lupus?

Should my child receive vaccinations?

Is there an increased risk of infections in children with lupus?

What are flares and triggers in children with lupus?

What medications are available to treat symptoms of lupus in children?

What kinds of symptoms are common in children with lupus?

What kinds of Health Care Providers usually treat children with lupus?

Is lupus the same in children and adults?

As a caregiver, how do I handle the unpredictability of lupus?

What are the risk factors for developing lupus?

How does photosensitivity affect people with lupus?

How can I protect myself against ultraviolet sunlight?

Does lupus occur in men?

How does lupus affect memory?

How will lupus affect my family?

Can lupus affect my friendships?

Can lupus cause depression?

Am I at increased risk for infections?

Are there exercises I could do to keep myself healthy?

How does smoking affect people with lupus?

Can I still work after my lupus diagnosis?

Does lupus cause hair loss?

What is the best way to cope with hair loss?

When lupus causes hair loss, will it grow back?

Is lupus hereditary?

How does lupus affect the nervous system?

Are there various forms of lupus?

Prescription Assistance

What can be done to ensure that lupus is diagnosed earlier rather than later?

How can I tell the difference between a lupus flare and just being tired?

International Consensus for a Definition of Lupus Flare

What does ‘borderline lupus’ mean?

What are the diagnostic criteria for lupus?