Sep. 01, 2017

Lupus Warrior of the Week - Shirkendra Dancy

This year our Cleveland Walk theme is: FIGHT Like a Lupus Warrior! Every week leading up to Walk Day (Sat., Sept 23, 2017) We will be featuring a "Lupus Warrior of the Week." Check out the stories of our Real-Life Lupus Warriors and the reasons for why they walk in the Cleveland Walk to End Lupus Now.


Lupus Warrior of the Week (Sept 4 - Sept 11) - Shirkendra Dancy

"I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis on January 25th, 2016. I was admitted twice to the hospital. The first was due to Hypertension, severe Edema, and Stage 3 Kidney Failure. I gained 50 lbs of water weight from only 13% of kidney function. I had a kidney biopsy, was placed on 20 pills a day, put on a strict Renal diet and given the drug Cytoxan to prevent Renal failure and to save my life. The disease hit my body very quickly and very hard. I had to take sick leave from work. My family had to take care of me and my son full time. In April 2016, I experienced another flare and was admitted to the hospital again for severe infections that required surgery, more medication and an at home nurse aid. It was such a struggle to bare the fatigue, pain, hair loss, being disfigured, and face reality that my life will never be the same again. I had to quit my job, but I always had faith that God had another plan for me... In June 2016 I gave my testimony at my church home and was able to stand and walk on my own. I'm beginning to capture my once lost passions that include praise dancing, writing and much more. My lupus journey is in early stage remission and I'm only taking 6 pills a day.

About 20 years ago, I spent my 16th birthday and several weeks in the hospital diagnosed with a severe blood disorder ITP. I was able to recover within 2 years. My doctors came to the conclusion that my immune system relapsed and my childhood symptoms were common to develop into Lupus in my adulthood years. I believe I was kept on this earth for a purpose and my mission is to continue to bring awareness to my community, to the world in hopes of a cure. I truly thank the Lupus Foundation of America Greater Ohio Chapter for being there for me in good and bad times. I don't know what I would do without them!"


Would you like to join Shirkendra and other Lupus Warriors at the 2017 Cleveland Walk to End Lupus Now at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica on Saturday, September 23?? Register HERE to join the fight against lupus!