Sep. 05, 2016

Cleveland Walk CHAMPION of the Week- Natalie E. Lindsay-Smith


Sept 5 - 10

I walk for not only myself, but also for my fellow lupians who are unable to walk. I walk to represent lupus patients who have lost their battle against lupus. My dear friend and her husband lost their lovely son in January of this year, to this cruel disease, so I also walk to support them. I walk to educate and bring awareness to this cruel disease. My walk does not begin nor end with the Walk to End Lupus Now, but every where I go I walk and talk about lupus so that it is not forgotten. I am not just a lupus patient, I am a warrior in the fight against lupus. This is why I walk.



Our Champion "Hall of Famers"


Champion of the Week- Kamdyn Beatty (August 1 - 7)




Kamdyn is one of our youngest walkers. He walks in memory of his Aunt Darbie. Kamdyn and his father recently had a lemonade stand and raised $116! At the age of four years old, Kamdyn is dedicated and ambitious in helping the LFA, GOC, reach its fundraising goals and continue the mission. This lemonade stand fundraiser was COMPLETELY Kamdyn’s idea. He asked his father if he could host a fundraiser to help the Foundation. Kamdyn is one spectacular 4-year-old! This is why he is this week’s CHAMPION of the Week!


Champion of the Week- Kelsie Franks (August 8 - 14)



I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE in 2011 along with Sjögren's Syndrome, which is another autoimmune disease. I have had a fairly normal life with a few flare ups here and there. I consider myself very lucky!! This is my first year being involved with the Lupus walk, but I was able to raise $550 in just a few days by using social media. I walk for myself, I walk to be a better wife, and most importantly I walk to be a better mother. My two small children are counting on me every day, and I'm walking to give them the best mom possible!! Thank you all for your support!!


Champion of the Week- Kara Grissinger (August 15 - 21)


I got involved in the “Walk to End Lupus Now” when a friend, who is the mother of a lupus sufferer, shared the link to sponsor her. I thought, “I can donate, what’s 20 bucks right?” Well, then I thought if I also walked I could help raise even more money. So you can imagine my surprise when I was approached about being featured as a “CHAMPION walker of the week”. I thought surely I am not the only one raising money. We are all motivated by different things, I just thought that if I walked too, I could help spread the word and support lupus more and hopefully one day we will find a cure. I am usually on the lake chasing Walleyes, but on September 10th I will be lacing up my sneakers to make a difference.


Champion of the Week- Elizabeth Phalen (August 22 - 28)

Why do I walk for Lupus?  I walk not for myself but for those who do not understand this disease called Lupus.  I walk because I have been trying to understand how this Lupus affects me.  I was diagnosed 15 yrs ago after years of being pushed off to one doctor or another, after trying many different tests and wrong diagnoses and lots of pain.  I walk so that my daughter and all future generations to come will never know the struggle of Lupus.  Lupus tried to rob me of some pleasures of life but I will not give up or in for I am a warrior and a champion, I am Lupus strong.


Champion of the Week- Sharon Shellhamer (August 29- Sept. 4)

Why do I walk for Lupus? For almost 10 years of countlessly being told all of my symptoms were in my head, endless doctor's appointments and even 2 unneeded surgeries I was finally given a name to my main illness. Lupus SLE. The struggles I have faced from lupus took a lot away from me. I refuse to be a quitter so I choose to educate, empower, and advocate for lupus awareness. I'm unable to physically walk this year, but I am a virtual walker and will be walking in spirit with my team, “Flare Ups Beware.” I'm a Lupus Warrior!